The most popular roulette formulas

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Although roulette has up to 10 betting styles. But the heart of playing to get money. There are only 8 main ways:

The most popular roulette formulas

Bet on numbers above the clouds

Talking about bet numbers Most people tend to think that it is a single number bet and it is a very high risk bet. But ask first if it is necessary that we have to bet on a single number not in playing roulette. We can Can bet on many numbers at the same time. Just specify the form that it is a favorite bet It’s like when we buy lottery tickets. When we bet on many numbers, it is a risk diversification. There is no need to throw money into any one number. Take that much money and spread the number a little bit. .

When it’s cheaper, you get a profit of up to 35 times. Take it easy. Let’s say I have 350 baht. Bet on a favorite number, 10 baht per number, get 35 numbers. There must be one hit. And then we will get a refund of 360 baht. Including the capital (profit of 10 baht is still good), unless it’s really unlucky. That is it goes out to a number that we didn’t bet on. Which only has 2 numbers

And how to bet on a favorite number to have a chance to make a profit? We will analyze the roulette wheel together.

From the roulette wheel, it can be seen that it has divided the number zones into 4 zones:

  • Jue is the range of numbers that we will bet on. Assuming that we want to bet on 0 as the main one, we will also bet on numbers that are close to 0 by counting to the end of the left 4 numbers and 2 more numbers on the right (as in case of lack of time when the wheel stops turning). most profitable
  • Voisins du Zero is an extended number range that covers Jue. It can also be profitable. But maybe not as much as Jue.
  • Orphelins is a zone that we won’t stab.
  • Tiers du Cylindre is the opposite side of the betting zone.

Bet in the middle to create a winning chance.

Normally, we are familiar with the word high-low bet because it divides the numbers into 2 groups: the low group is 1-18, the high group is 19-36, but when we actually enter, we can divide the numbers into 3 groups as well. The zone division is 1-12 as low, 13-24 as medium and 25-36 as high. Now let’s see how we will use the roulette formula to bet in the middle.

We will use this formula in conjunction with high-low bets. By betting on the numbers in the middle group, it is 13-24 because in this group there are both low and high numbers in the body. This means that we will have more chances to win. Which is in line with the principle of issuing prizes for gambling that are random numbers such as lottery tickets or dice, most of them tend to come out in the middle when drawing graphs, it looks like an inverted bell. This is not wrong. Do not forget that all types of gambling always use statistics and probability in parallel.

Read event statistics

What about statistics? Anyone who thinks of becoming a professional gambler or earn snacks from playing Online casinos, however, one thing that you should pay attention to is the statistics. We will use this to analyze whether in the next eye it has more chances to come out. Assuming that it has been low 3 times and it is high, the next time we can bet high. because if in the long run, it has the same chance of going high and low

But if the result is high and low alternately We can stab alternately according to that. Here, if anyone who has the basics of reading the card layout or playing the dragon tigers, baccarat, something like this It’s not difficult to make a profit.

Two-way trap for profit

Because roulette is a game that divides numbers into 3 groups, both zones and rows, so we will use a method to bet on 2 groups at the same time to increase the chances of winning from the original bet on a single group with only 1 in 3 chances to win, but enough Two-way or two-group thrust We will have a chance to win 2 out of 3.

Diversify your risk by stabbing

Diversification is considered the heart of gambling that has it all. For the majority of roulette, no one uses the same formula. because it has to be calculated in time Therefore, betting on Toed is the best way to diversify your risk. If you go back and look at the payout rate of each type of bet, you will see that if the roulette is out 0, we will lose all. We have to solve the game by betting 0 in case every round, maybe 10 baht per round, because if it actually comes out 0, we still get 360 baht back. But it also increases your chances of winning.

Stab a little, but stab a long time.

Everyone wants money from online casino This is not wrong. But placing a lot of bets at once because of the expectation of high profits, even if it is a low-risk bet But if it’s lost, it’s a lot too. Therefore, the money should be divided into small lumps, gradually stabbing a little at a time, in addition to lowering the risk, it also allows us to enjoy the UFABET game for a longer time as well. because it can pierce many eyes

I’m cool. I’m not hot.

Talking about the matter, I have come and gone for many rounds. Let’s talk about wasting some time. Most of the people who are bankrupt with gambling come from their irritability when playing. After losing it, I want it back right away. how is it possible Therefore, every eye that bets should use consciousness, slowly thinking and analyzing each other. waste it Thinking that it will come back It’s better than playing mindlessly until you run out of money. I can’t take this one.

set profit/loss targets

The great gambler’s success was not based solely on luck or skill in gambling. Setting goals in playing is an important thing that makes the gambler have money to use. can make money from Online casinos every day, they have a simple method, just set a budget to play per day. How much profit do you get to quit? How much is enough Which goal is reached first, stop playing immediately and then play again later They don’t care how much they lose today. Or if you continue to play, how much profit do you have? Because they know that every gambling game has a House Edge value. The longer you play, the more you lose to the casino.

             How are you doing with 8 roulette formulas, dictatorial online casinosbrought together today Before parting, I would like to leave one thing about how good the formula is. how well you play It’s not equal to having discipline in playing. Play with purpose, don’t break the rules, don’t think it’s okay. Money lost gambling I can assure you it’s not easy to get it back. play just enough for fun This is fine.