5 high collagen fruits and vegetables Eat and nourish your skin to be beautiful. If you don’t want to get old quickly, you need to try.

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When it comes to collagen, I believe that many young women will have to imagine their facial skin to be beautiful and look younger than their age. Which the collagen obtained from food does not have to be reconciled, but only in meat parts such as pork cartilage. Because fruits and vegetables provide this kind of nutrients to the body as well. It is also a fruit and vegetable that can be bought easily as well. Let’s just say let’s go and look at fruits and vegetables that help increase collagen for the skin.

5 high collagen fruits and vegetables Eat and nourish your skin to be beautiful. If you don't want to get old quickly, you need to try.

1. Green peas
1 cup of green peas provide many nutrients to the body, such as 37 percent of vitamin C, 15 percent of the body’s daily needs, 15 percent of fiber and 8 percent of phosphorus, which is compared to other vegetables. Green peas are very high in nutrients like fiber and phosphorus. More importantly, it has been found that people from three countries. Greece, Australia and Sweden have young skin tend to eat green peas regularly and also eat fish and other vegetables in large amounts and use olive oil for cooking. food as well

2. Sweet peppers
All 3 colors of sweet peppers, red, yellow and green, provide different amounts of vitamin C to the body. Red and yellow will give you more vitamin C than green. In addition, yellow and red bell peppers contain beta-carotene. Which is the precursor of vitamin A And vitamin A is a substance that helps the skin to be strong. As well as helping to strengthen the mucous membranes as well

3. Bitter gourd
Bitter gourd is a bitter vegetable but provides higher vitamin C than many vegetables. It also contains nutrients such as dietary fiber and lutein. Which lutein is considered an antioxidant in the carotenoid group. that helps prevent cell damage from free radicals. Which is caused by the process of burning energy in the body itself Importantly. It also plays an important role in the maintenance of eyesight and helps in terms of visibility as well.

4. Guava Guava
is a fruit that provides vitamin C higher than oranges up to 6 times and 18 times more than pineapple. There was also an analysis of the amount of nutrients contained in the guava that Antioxidants were found to be higher than other fruits. Which found both vitamin C and polyphenols. In addition, there is also evidence that eating whole guava peels will help the body receive both types of antioxidants higher than eating peeled guava. shell

Eating 4 large lychees will help the body get enough vitamin C to meet the needs of the body in 1 day. Which in lychee contains antioxidants. Both polyphenols, tannins, catechins and phytates are high compared to other fruits. But it is well known that although lychee is a fruit that provides high vitamin C and antioxidants to the body. It cannot be denied that lychees are high in sugar as well. Therefore, it should be eaten properly because it is good ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com for our own health.

How are you after knowing the types of vegetables and fruits that help to increase collagen for beautiful skin? It can be seen that each type of fruit and vegetable is not only rich in high vitamin C. but also rich in other nutrients That helps strengthen the health of the body even better as well However, do not forget to turn to add collagen to the skin by eating fruits and vegetables.